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AshevilleFM Fall Fund Drive

This week, AshevilleFM.org is working its week-long Fall Fund drive to raise money from listeners and others who support community radio that brings over 60 shows each week to the airwaves of Asheville. If you want to support community radio in the same way donors support public radio fund drives, AshevilleFM.org can benefit your kind support.

The Asheville House Music Society radio show comes to you each week on Saturday night at 12 midnight to Sunday morning at 2 am. To put together this show for over one-year has been an incredible experience to bring house music on the radio to Asheville.

If you love what we do, we would appreciate you taking a moment to go to the homepage of https://ashevillefm.org and click the “Donate” button and make your tax-deductible donation to our litte non-profit radio station that has over 100 volunteers working to bring a wide variety of talk and music programming to the airwaves in Asheville.

If you do kindly donate to AshevilleFM.org, thank you! And, definitely mention you are donating on behalf of the Asheville House Music Society radio show!